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Welcome to the Registrar’s Office

We are excited to be a part of your goal to further your personal success!

Our mission is to:

Take a leadership role in the accurate and efficient management of data in the primary functional areas of the office: registration, student academic records, course and classroom scheduling, classroom utilization, publications production and data distribution.

We will do so by using the fullest available resources in the performance of our duties to deliver accurate, prompt and courteous service to all customers of the university while staying consistent with the University’s educational mission.

So, what is a registrar?

Registrars are custodians of students' records. They register students, record grades, prepare student transcripts, evaluate academic records, plan and implement commencement, oversee the preparation of college catalogs and schedules of classes, and analyze enrollment and demographic statistics.

In short, any and all administrative work is done through the office of the registrar, and you will become familiar with the registrar’s office very quickly.

At most schools there is one official registrar and then a fully staffed office to help with the laundry list of duties. As a student you will likely interact with mostly the staff and the registrar only on special occasions.

Will you interact with the Registrar’s Office?

The answer to that is yes, most definitely! We are here to assist students in many aspects of their academic experience. The registrar’s staff will help you understand policy, direct you to any appropriate forms, answer questions, point you in the right direction, assist with registration issues and most importantly, be supporters of your success as a WTU student.

Meet the Registrar’s Office Staff

University Registrar

Brenda Smith
(425) 223-5812