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Bachelor of Science

90 Credits


The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology & Management at Washington Technology University is designed to provide the knowledge and skills to manage or lead teams and organizations in technology-related fields. This program is also for people who wish to be technology-oriented entrepreneurs. The program provides students the skills and knowledge needed for positions in companies specializing in high technology products and services, software, manufacturing, and data driven organizations that require rapid decision making due to complex operational environments. This program prepares students with a thorough understanding of business practices including human resources, entrepreneurship, organizational behavior, project management, marketing, economics, leadership, and ethics combined with an in-depth understanding of information systems including networking, database management systems, and computer operating systems.

Program Outcomes

  • Identify the elements of an information system and understand how software is developed and used within the information system
  • Understand the critical factors needed to manage technology-intensive organizations in a competitive environment
  • Demonstrate background knowledge of digital, electronic, and information technologies and be skilled in using them to manage data and facilitate organizational processes
  • Identify solutions while recognizing the social and ethical impact of computing on individuals, organizations and society
  • Apply conflict resolution skills and leverage common leadership practices in the workplace
  • Develop personal leadership traits and demonstrate organizational, interpersonal and team communication skills
  • Distinguish the theories, principles and concepts related to the foundational areas of business

Program Requirements

Technology Core (45 credits) Pre-Requisites
BUSN 102 Introduction to IT and Management (5) None
MATH 200 Quantitative Tools and Methods (5) None
CPSC 210 Computer Systems Foundations (5) None
CPSC 250 Programming Fundamentals (5) MATH 200 & CPSC 210
CPSC 310 Database Management Systems (5) MATH 200 & CPSC 210
INSE 300 Legal and Ethical Issues in Information Security (5) MATH 200 & CPSC 210
INSE 320 Data Communications and Networking (5) MATH 200 & CPSC 210
INSE 335 Project Management (5) MATH 200 & CPSC 210
INSE 400 Fundamentals of Information Security (5) MATH 200 & CPSC 210
Depth of Study (40 credits)
MRKT 300 Principles of Marketing and Technology (5) BUSN 102
ECON 300 Managerial Economics (5) BUSN 102
BUSN 350 Business Law for Managers (5) BUSN 102
MNGT 310 Organizational Behavior (5) BUSN 102
MNGT 320 Leadership and Communications (5) BUSN 102
MNGT 330 Human Resources Management (5) BUSN 102
MNGT 400 Management Finance (5) BUSN 102
BUSN 400 Technology Entrepreneurship (5) BUSN 102 
Capstone (5 credits)
ITM 495 Capstone Project (5) All courses in program