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Tuition and Fees

WTU believes in simple, fair pricing. You get a first class education for just $100 per credit hour.

Direct Costs
Application Fee $50/one-time fee
A 5-credit course is $500.
A typical 18-month Bachelor's Degree completion program is $9,000.
$100/credit hour
Materials Fee
Covers all online textbooks and a comprehensive electronic library.
Lab Fee
This only applies to courses that include a lab.
For example, the B.S. Info Security program has 6 labs.
Incidental Costs
Late Registration Fee $25/course
Late Payment Fee $50/course
Official Transcript $25
Diploma Re-Print $100

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Change your mind? At WTU you can enroll and attend a couple of classes, change your mind, and still get a full refund of the tuition costs. In fact, whether it's your first class or last, you may drop in the first week of any class and not pay for that class. Read on for more details.

Prior to midnight of the first Thursday of the term you have the right to cancel your enrollment in a course in which you are enrolled for that term, and to receive a full refund of the tuition amount paid for that course. Materials fees and lab fees are not refundable.

For example:
Two students are enrolled in the 5-credit MATH 200 course commencing Monday January 4, 2021. Each student pays the $500 course tuition cost and the $75 course materials fee. Therefore, each student has paid a total of $575.

Student A submits a course drop form Thursday January 7, 2021. Student A is refunded the $500 tuition cost. The $75 materials fee is not refunded.

Student B submits a course drop form Friday January 8, 2021. Student B does not receive a refund.

To cancel your enrollment in a course you must submit a course drop request to the Registrar’s Office. You understand that you are responsible for knowing class drop deadlines and for all requests to drop classes. Non-attendance does not constitute a drop. Dropping or withdrawing from a course may affect your Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) standing as defined in the University Catalog.